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An incredibly detailed doodle by Keita Sagaki…you could look at this for hours, even take a magnifying glass to it and still never see every image…every bit of it is a mini doodle. Very elaborate…I love the contrast between little simplistic doodles making up a very stoic and refined image.

Victorian Star Wars- Terry Fan

Eugenio Recuenco depicting famous Picasso paintings as glamourous photos…lovely,

And at the end of the tunnel will we be greeted with light and soar as the cloud-like sparrow.. Or be condemmed to clouds of darkness?

A very poetic series of drawings. By a master of charcoal, Hilary Brace.

Mini furniture models made of human skin.

I wish I didnt have to say it’s faux. But rest easy, you with the faint of heart, it isn’t real skin..But it could certainly pass! I would love to own a life size model in my house, t’would be an excellent source of entertainment. Ha.

Makoto Aida

Awesome street art.

Cool phone booths in Sao Paulo

Bohyun Yoon

Dimitri Tsykalov

Intriguing Body Art by Chooo-San